Bianca Andreescu, a remarkable Canadian success story

As Scott Stinson reported in the National Post this week, that decision Bianca Andreescu’s parents made to come to Canada 25 years ago was, quite evidently, the right decision for everyone.

Near the end of her press conference after winning the U.S Open Tennis Championship, one of the many foreign journalists asked her about being the daughter of two Romanians. Was it more difficult to grow up in Canada as the child of immigrants?

Andreescu did not hesitate. “Definitely not,” she said. “No, Canada is such an amazing country. It’s so multi-cultural. I had no trouble growing up having Romanian parents whatsoever. That’s why I love my country so, so much.”

2019 US Open Tennis Tournament- Day Thirteen. Bianca Andreescu of Canada with the winners trophy after her victory against Serena Williams of the United States in the Women's Singles Final on Arthur Ashe Stadium during the 2019 US Open Tennis

Bianca Andreescu caught almost everyone by surprise by knocking off Serena Williams in straight sets in the final and jumping to #5 in the world from her position of No. 178 at the end of 2018.

At only 19, the Canadian sensation is being compared to past greats who burst quickly on the scene as well.

And before everyone is too smug about Andreescu’s quick and certain response about her experience in Canada, she of course isn’t speaking for everyone who has tried to make a new life in her country.

But she was consistent in her answers. Earlier in the tournament, she had been asked about the experience of her parents, Nicu and Maria, in leaving Romania for Canada. She said they had left in the mid-’90s. Romania was having problems, she said. “So they wanted to just have a better life, so they came into Canada,” Andreescu said. “I think they made the right decision,” she said.

At a couple points during the U.S. Open, Andreescu made sure to note the support that she has received in her career from Tennis Canada. She said the developmental program, the training and the coaching, has been a huge part of her success. Not for nothing did she climb into the stands at Ashe on Saturday night to clasp Sylvain Bruneau, her Tennis Canada coach, in a teary embrace after her historic win.

It is the ideal of the immigrant success story, one repeated the world over: The parents leave in search of a better life, and they find it in a new country. In this case, they have a child, and she has opportunities to grow and nurture her talent in a way she otherwise might not have had. And in return, Canada has a wonderful star, a crusher of tennis balls who is now the country’s first Slam singles champion, with designs on many more.

That decision Bianca Andreescu’s parents made, 25 years ago? It was, quite evidently, the right decision for everyone.

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