You want to move to Canada
but don't know how to start?

Canada is one of the most popular expat destinations with wide-open spaces and safe, affluent cities, the benefits of living in the ‘Great White North’ are clear.

From 2019 through 2021, Canada will welcome more than one million new immigrants through its many immigration programs. There are many possible pathways for securing permanent residence in one of the most safe, secure and happy nations on the planet.

We offer highly specialised services to help you achieve your dreams of moving to Canada while keeping things simple.

Ontario Foreign Investment Program

For foreign business owners with min. 3 years business experience

Invest for a minimum of five years in a government-approved investment corporation and achieve Permanent Residency in 18-24 months.

Min. investment CA$ 1.25M plus fees

Start-Up Visa

Fast-track permanent residency for new business entrepreneurs

This program is designed to fast track permanent residence for international entrepreneurs who are able to secure funding with investors that have been designated to do so.

Min. investment CA$ 200,000


Canada is one of the world's most appealing countries.

A decision that will change your life more than any other

  • Canada’s low crime rate is envied around the world

  • Government spends more per capita on education than other country

  • One of the most diverse nations in the world

  • A tolerant and broad-minded society

  • Economic strength and stability

  • Universal healthcare

  • Second largest country in the world and undoubtedly one of the most beautiful

  • Strong national wealth – oil, gas, iron ore, gold, copper, uranium


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