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We are a team of international professionals who recognise the value of moving your family and your wealth to North America. We have spent years finding solutions for our clients and that is what we will do for you.

Our focus is investment migration opportunities in Canada and the United States that offer a clear pathway to a permanent personal and financial foothold in the west.

Our exclusive network of immigration lawyers and licensed immigration agents will manage your applications with the utmost efficiency and prioritise your needs throughout.


Kal Kennard


Kal has manny years experience assisting international clients to obtain alternative residency and second citizenship. Based between the Toronto, London and Antigua, she has an award-winning background in real estate development and design, is board member of the Preserve Fund and seeks holistic solutions for clients interested in investing in North America or who wish to become residents via investment.

Kevin K.N.

Managing Partner

Kevin is a founding partner and experienced businessman who has assisted hundreds of high net worth families across Africa and the Middle East to source investment immigration solutions in Europe and North America. His attention to detail and strategic thinking has allowed us to build strong, lasting relationships with each of our clients who repeatedly look to him for guidance on investment opportunities and migration pathways.

Bitaniya Woldermariam

Director (Dual Citizenship)

Bitaniya is a team leader who goes above and beyond to ensure each client receives the best possible service. She is well versed in all the residency and citizenship pathways and is based between London, Dubai and West Africa.


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